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  • First things first; sit down and write everything you already know about your personal details, including previous addresses, companies that you have worked for, your national insurance number.
  • Then write down everything you know about your family (mother, father, and your four grandparents mothers parents and your fathers parents), making sure you stick to the facts and don’t get carried away with rumours and anecdotes. This will form the basis of completing the Monimine form.
  • For family members that are still living, you must obtain their permission before you complete their details.
  • Ask your family what they know about family members that are deceased. Every detail can help your research, not matter how trivial.
  • Once you have enough information to be able to make a start, register with Monimine and begin your search.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the information to hand immediately, you can come back and log in anytime to add information at a later stage.

Tell us your details

Your name, date of birth and national insurance number.

Tell us your address history

Your current address and as many of your previous addresses as possible.

Tell us your family history

Names, dates of birth and national insurance numbers.
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