The Monimine Team

The Monimine team are experts in unclaimed assets, people tracing and working in or for financial institutions. We already have a number of financial institutions involved and are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure Monimine is “the best free tool to reunite people with their forgotten money”.

We have three goals at Monimine, these are: -

  1. To get all financial institution data included in Monimine
  2. There are hundreds of financial institutions in the UK and that’s before we include pension funds, utility companies and shares. The more institutions that are involved, the more likely we are to reunite you with your forgotten money, so we won’t rest until everyone is in.

  3. To make sure Monimine is easy to use
  4. If you don’t find Monimine easy to use, then you’re unlikely to complete your details. We need to make sure it’s easy, which is why we provide hints and tips and give you the option to come back and add or edit information if you come across it later.

  5. To make sure as many people as possible know about Monimine
  6. Monimine will only solve the issue of unclaimed assets, if enough people know it exists. We are working hard to make sure everyone knows about Monimine, using social media, partners and financial institutions to spread the word, but we need your help too, please share on Facebook or Twitter.


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